October 2015

October 2015

We are in “FOLIAGE MODE” here at Conway Scenic Railroad and are currently running our longest and heaviest trains of the year. Any time we go out with seven or more cars on the Notch Train we run with two units in multiple on the head end. As this is being written our first 9 car train of the season is returning from Fabyans Station. The foliage has been a bit late in turning color this year, but it’s on the verge right now and should be really spectacular within the next few days. Come on up if you get the chance!

On September 5th we operated our 41st annual Railfan Day and a great time was had by all. There were multiple trips with the RDC, which is really becoming quite popular, along with a mixed train to Sawyers River where we put the entire train in on the siding there to clear for the train that was running to Hazen’s in Whitefield. When the mixed train got back to North Conway, we took the coach off and put the caboose on the train for the run to Conway. The highlight of the day was a three unit, first generation EMD lash-up on the 4:30 run to Conway. We ran 1751, 573 and 4266 on that train and performed a photo run-by at Hussey’s field. It was neat to have 4750 HP on that 5 car train! We also had a number of vendors with interesting merchandise for sale here at the Station. The event also included a free supervised night photo shoot in North Conway Yard. We expect next year’s event to be held on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend which will be 9/3/16.

The work continues on 7470, although very slowly right now as our personnel are out running trains and otherwise keeping the railroad in good repair.

Our 1931 built trestle bridge over River Road in North Conway was struck by a vehicle this past August which caused some damage to three of the upright posts on the West side of the bridge. We immediately had a qualified bridge inspector (from TEC Associates of South Portland, ME) come and inspect the damage. He determined that the bridge was safe to operate over as long as repairs were scheduled to be completed within a specified amount of time. Fore River Dock & Dredge Company of South Portland, ME, recently came to North Conway and made the repairs. They happened to have some 12” x 12” creosoted timbers that were long enough to replace our damage timbers in stock. It took two days to install the new timbers, and the guys did an excellent job! The work is now completed, and everything is once again back to normal.

At the same time the bridge work was going on, DeAngelis Railroad Contractors had a crew welding rail sections together adjacent to the route 16 railroad crossing in North Conway, which is just a stone’s throw from the River Road bridge. This crossing is scheduled to be completely replaced at the end of October including new crossing lights and signal circuitry. It is interesting to note that the current New Hampshire standards for railroad crossings calls for 115# rail in the crossing where the rail intersects the highway along with 100# rail on the approaches. The 100# is then mated with our existing 85# rail. We are looking forward to having this job completed!

As always we thank you for interest in and support of the Conway Scenic Railroad! We hope to see you here on the platform very soon. Enjoy this fine autumn weather!

Keep it safe,

Paul Hallett

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