November 2015

November 2015

Every year at this time we have a company get together for our employees which marks the end of the busy warm weather operating season. It’s a good time to review a few of the items that we have accomplished over the past year here at the railroad, so here are some items in no particular order:

  • Coach 6743’s rest room was converted from a chemical toilet into a water operated system. This called for the installation of a new fresh water tank up in the ceiling of the car.
  • Coach 6739 received an extensive rebuilding around the windows on the full length of the car on both sides. Areas that formerly had copious amounts of bondo were replaced with new steel. The interior received new oak trim accents above the windows and all of the interior lights were reactivated where formerly only about 1/3 were wired to work. All of the original seat bottoms were replaced with new vinyl upholstery that utilizes medium density foam. The car was primed and painted from end to end and top to bottom and the results are awesome!
  • Gertrude Emma received a new replacement piece of stained glass and had repairs made to another.
  • 7470 had all of her superheater units and all of her 2” tubes removed in order to gain access to the interior of the boiler. The interior of the boiler has been needle scaled and the boiler has been tested ultrasonically. The new form 4 has been prepared and is about to be submitted to the Federal Railroad Administration for approval. Much work remains to be done.
  • The set of highway flashers beside the shanty in North Conway Yard were wired into the system, and they now work when the wig-wag is operating. Also the light on the crossing gate has been electrified and comes on when the gate is lowered. Important details!
  • The clock face at the station was repainted last spring, and we discovered that the current face was installed in 1938. The original clock face from 1874 is still here in the station attic.
  • The granite paving stones that had been on the roadside of the station were removed and new blacktop was laid down. This was done at the same time that the town paved the road in front of the Station. The old stones were a tripping hazard for some of our patrons.
  • Utility lines to the station were moved underground, and the telephone pole to the south of the Station was removed thus enhancing the beauty of the Station.
  • Percy arrived in July to spend a DAY OUT WITH THOMAS.
  • We ran a well-patronized Fourth of July shuttle service from Conway to North Conway.
  • The NH Bureau of Rail & Transit rebuilt the railroad crossing at Rolling Ridge Rd in Bartlett.
  • We operated an all-EMD triple header on Railfans’ day with locos built in 49’, 50’ & 56’.
  • In cooperation with the State of New Hampshire and the Federal Government, the crossing at Route 16 in North Conway was rebuilt including new crossing signals.

We plan to install about 1200 ties before the end of November, and there are many other things to do, too!

Thank you very much for your interest in and support of the Conway Scenic Railroad.

Keep it safe.

Paul S. Hallett


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