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January 2018

Derek PalmieriPhoto: Dennis Adams The December 2017 edition of The Wheel Report saw the end of an era, 13 years to be exact, as Paul Hallett penned his last report as Operations Manager of Conway Scenic Railroad. Paul is a mentor and friend to many, not just at Conway Scenic Railroad, but in [...]

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December 2017

Even though we are only running trains on the weekends, Conway Scenic has been a beehive of activity.  Out on the line we have had several different crews hard at work accomplishing various tasks.  Employees of Gordon T. Burke & Sons have been hauling in large pieces of granite ledge and lots of smaller rock [...]

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November 2017

Our warm weather operating season has come to a close as the last leaves of autumn are falling from the trees. We had strong ridership during the foliage season and ran our last Notch Train on Saturday, October 28 along with a Murder Mystery Train to Frankenstein Trestle that same evening.  At this point we [...]

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September 2017

We did it!  Ran a train across the track diamond in downtown Whitefield, New Hampshire, that is.  The day was rainy as the remnants of Hurricane Harvey over-spread the area, but that did not dampen the enthusiasm of the faithful several hundred passengers who rode the special train, as well as the additional throng of [...]

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Red Ball Special

1751 with our new freight car at the Whitefield Diamond, August 2, 2017 Conway Scenic Railroad will be operating a special train from North Conway to the Whitefield diamond and the famous ball signal there on Sunday, September 3.  The Whitefield ball signal stands as the last remaining signal of its type in [...]

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August 2017

Our little blue friend Thomas and his best friend Percy recently spent two long weekends here in North Conway with us.  We had a magnificent time.  They have since returned to the Isle of Sodor, and things are slowly returning to normal around here. This past Friday, we celebrated Conway Scenic’s 43rd birthday with half-priced excursions, plus [...]

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July 2017

Notch trains starting running this year on June 13th, and so far GP38 #252 has been covering that job and doing it well.  Believe it or not, I have been running high hood units for so long that it takes a little getting used to running one with a low hood.  Yes, we are about [...]

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June 2017

We are pleased to announce that we will be running a train all the way to the Whitefield diamond as a part of our Railfans' Weekend this year on Sunday, September 3rd.  After many years of wanting to offer a trip like this, the time is now right to make it happen.  Our thanks go [...]

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May 2017

I was out hy-railing the line recently, in order to observe conditions, and I made it as far west as Notchland before I decided to take off. Track Inspector Leary had been that far a few days earlier so I knew that I would have a clear track to that point. Snow can still be [...]

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April 2017

Our Russell Plow in the background with crew, L to R: Jordan Valladares, Roger Benson, Nate Leary, Paul Hallett, Jimmy More, and Russ Seybold In preparation for this month's opening, we recently ran the big snow plow through to Bartlett.  There was so much snow remaining on the line this year that we [...]

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March 2017

We had so much snow in the North Conway area in early February that we thought it would be prudent to shovel the snow load off of the overhangs of the station at North Conway. We also had to remove snow that was about three feet deep from the turntable deck. The station overhangs were [...]

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February 2017

Pictured here: Paul Hallett, Derek Palmieri, and Dee Logan We had a great time at the Amherst Railway Society’s big Railroad & Hobby show during the last weekend of January. Attendance was 19,541 this year, down a bit from other years but still plenty of people to say hello to!  We were selling [...]

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January 2017

The New Year has arrived and we are well into the planning process for the upcoming season. We will be hosting a number of events this year which include extra service on the 4th of July and the return of “A Day Out with Thomas” on the last two weekends in July.  We are planning [...]

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December 2016

Once again the Holiday Season has rolled around, and we are running our "Santa's Holiday Express" trains, as well as supplying equipment and personnel for the "Journey to the North Pole" trains.  Ridership on the Santa trains has been exceptionally strong, and we have found it necessary to add cars to the train to accommodate [...]

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November 2016

The busy operating season has come to a close just in time for us to catch a breath! We are currently operating weekend service only until Christmas vacation week. This includes service on the day after Thanksgiving. In addition we will be operating “Journey to the North Pole” trains; these run mostly Friday, Saturday and [...]

November 2016 2017-05-21T22:36:13+00:00
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