April 2013

April 2013

We are just about ready to start the 2013 operating season!

GP7 #573 has just come out of the shop after receiving four new power assemblies and a new oil pump.  In addition, the locomotive had a 92-day FRA inspection and had her annual air brake maintenance done.  Also while she was in the shop, we redid the New Hampshire Operation Life Saver signs that she carries under her hand rails near the rear of the locomotive.  The new vinyl signs were created for us by High Ball Graphics and interestingly, in a “life imitates art” type of move, they were blown up to prototype size from the original HO drawings!  We also painted the control stand and the cab floor of #573, so right now she is looking and running well!

The next locomotive to go into the shop for work will be GP9 #1751.  With all the work she had done at Derby, she is in very good shape already, but her coupler height is on the low side so we will make the needed changes to get that squared away.

Over in Stall 2, first class car “Carroll P Reed” has just been rolled out of the house after receiving substantial electrical upgrades.  The car was prepared for the arrival of a new generator that will have the capability of providing either single phase or three phase power which means, in addition to itself, it can power Dome car Dorthea Mae’s three phase air conditioning or Hattie Evan’s single phase electrical loads.  The C.P. Reed also received a new doorway diaphragm on one end to replace the original that had worn out after many years in service.  Hattie Evans took the C.P. Reed’s place in Stall 2 for work to its electrical system which will make it compatible with the C.P. Reed’s new generator set.

We have cleaned and painted the floor of coach 6739.  Battleship gray was selected for the floor color, and if it wears well we will paint the floors in 6743 & 6745 later on.  All of the cars have had their brake valves and other air brake components reinstalled after they were returned from the air brake shop in Pennsylvania.

At the station, the new sections of flooring that were just installed received four coats of stain to color match them to the existing 139-year-old floor boards.  After the new floor boards were stained the entire floor received its annual two coats of polyurethane so now the entire floor is shining like a new penny and is ready for opening day.

Rules Class is coming right up; the bridge decks for the snowmobiles have been removed on the Conway Line, and we are about to make our first inspection of the tracks between Conway and Bartlett.  It will be nice to hear the horn echoing through the Valley later on this month!  Come and see us on opening day, April 13.

As always we thank you for your interest in and support of the Conway Scenic Railroad.  Keep it Safe!

Paul Hallett


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