September 2 & 3:  Join us as we celebrate Railfans’ Weekend with special demos, freight cars, cabooses and extra Valley Trains on Saturday.  There will be no Notch Train on Saturday.

Sunday will be “Day White Mountains” and features a Notch Train to Whitefield.   The schedule, which will be posted soon, includes a night photo shoot with professional photographers on Saturday.

Valley Train Fares:

CONWAY Coach First Class Dining Car
lunch at 1:30
Adult $17.50 $22.00 $36.50
Child (4-12) $12.50 $16.50 $26.00
Under 4 Free $9.50 $8.50
BARTLETT Coach First Class Dining Car
lunch at 11:30
Dining Car
dinner at 6:00
Adult $29.00 $36.50 $54.00 $70.00
Child (4-12) $20.50 $27.50 $36.00 $49.00 ages 6+ only
Under 4 Free $16.00 $9.00 NA (ages 6+ only)

Special Fares: We are offering a two-for-one special on the 4:30 and 6:00 departures: buy one ticket, and get a second ticket FREE in the same seating class (excludes the Dining Car).
(with lunch)1st Class Package
(Through the Notch and beyond:ith Dome)

“Day White Mountains”
to Whitefield
Coach First Class Dome 1st  Class Package
(includes lunch)
1st Class Package
(with Dome)
Adult $69.00 $83.00 $95.00 $1112.00 $124.00
Child (4-12) $51.00 $60.00 $65.00 $77.00 $82.00
Under 4 $17.00 $30.00 $50.00 $39.00 $59.00

Please note: our dining cars will be operating as usual on both the Valley and Notch excursions this weekend. On the Valley Trains, the Chocorua offers an 11:30 seating (Bartlett) and a 1:30 seating (Conway). Our dining car Hattie Evans also will offer two seatings on both Saturday and Sunday as part of the Notch Train First Class Package (First Class seating, 3-course luncheon, roundtrip beverage service, and snacks). Reservations are recommended.
Other lunch options include our Box Lunches, $14.00 inclusive, and there are snack bars on the trains.


Photo courtesy of Doug Scott


Photo courtesy of Doug Scott


Photo courtesy of Doug Scott